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Guestbook for Dartmoor landscapes
jimmy loof(non-registered)
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Every pic proves your talent, nice work :)
cosmos carol calling again(non-registered)
How majestic the Dartmoor landscape is and your fab photos really do it justice Bob.
Being a Plymouth girl I always feel I should be much more familiar with it then I sadly
actually am. Your images remind me of our recent trip to the edge of Bodmin Moor where
Simon and I went in search of tracing some of my family history. Minions is the highest place on
the moor, just outside Liskeard, and this is where my grandfather was born in 1905. It was once a
thriving mining community which is hard to picture now although a few of the engine houses remain &
the whole area is of much interest. The cheesering natural stone monument which stands near the top of the hill was worth the walk but I feel another trip back will be needed to cover ground which we did not have time do. We were somewhat spoilt I have to admit as the day we went was just perfect conditions and the views at the top were fabulous. I sadly wondered if my poor mining relations ever had the time to view it as such. Oh to have seened it with their eyes. x
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